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Aditya Kapre Massachusetts

Aditya Kapre

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

My Story

Based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, a part of Greater Boston, Aditya Kapre is a software engineer with passion for technology. Aditya has played a major role in software development across multiple organizations and has developed and delivered multiple projects. His latest project involves working on recommendations and personalization API using AWS. The software he develops is scalable and has good performance footprints along with security.

Aditya Kapre has dedicated his career to helping businesses with end to end software development. As a professional software developer, Aditya specializes in designing and developing highly scalable backend APIs and Java technology. He is certified in RU102PY: Redis for Python Developers as well as RU101: Introduction to Redis Data Structures and earned his degree in Bachelor of Engineering with CGPA of 9.45 on 10.

After his graduation from the University and working as Software Developer for more than two years, Aditya received his Master’s in Computer Science & Engineering graduating with a 3.54 GPA.

During his Master’s, Aditya worked on an open source project involving deep knowledge of fundamental concepts of Programming Languages as well as DataStructures & Algorithms. Data Mining was also one of his focus areas during Master’s. Since his Master’s, he has been doing hands-on development utilizing a wide variety of programming languages from Object Oriented to the modern Functional languages.

Aditya has worked as a Senior Software Engineer, helping with developing, coding and testing software. He has experience working with Agile as well as Waterfall methodologies. He has worked on Backend as well as Frontend technologies gaining an end to end experience of software development lifecycle. Aditya also has good experience in business logic development as well as  security aspects of a product development including technologies such as oAuth.

Aditya developed highly scalable backend APIs which can process several hundreds of requests per second and can scale horizontally. Aditya has hands-on experience developing solutions using multiple cloud providers in the industry which include AWS and Azure.

A self-described life long learner, Aditya is a Software Developer who is committed to achievement and details. He has spent the last 6 years creating and developing software for some of the most prominent companies in the world. He is currently most passionate about the work he is doing to create the best user experience possible.







Web Technologies







  • Python
  • JIVE
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery