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Jordan Walke, a former Facebook programmer, developed ReactJS. Initially, only Facebook used it, but as the company expanded, they used ReactJS in its other applications, i.e., Instagram and WhatsApp, primarily for the newsfeed. It was developed in 2011 but released to the public in 2013. It is now, as an open-source library, anyone can enjoy its benefits.  

React JS is a JavaScript library that is flexible, declarative, and efficient. It is primarily used to build reusable User Interface components. Since it was released to the public, it has become so central to the construction of websites that virtually every website now uses it. ReactJS’s widespread application is because most web developers use Model View Controller on their websites. At the moment, ReactJS is the best library to animate your website’s ‘View’ component of the architecture.


The following are some of the reasons why ReactJS is so popular.

  1. It makes it easy to create dynamic applications: ReactJS makes it easy to build dynamic applications in websites than JavaScript because it requires much less coding. ReactJS also gives these dynamic website elements more functionality.
  2. It has reusable components: The components you build in a ReactJS application can be used for different things, which means you don’t have to make components all over again for each application. This makes it possible to develop your apps in a much shorter time.
  3. Easy to learn: ReactJS uses a combination of basic HTML tags and some of the principles in JavaScript. This makes it relatively easy to understand when compared to similar languages.
  4. It can develop both web and mobile apps: Every developer now knows that you must optimize websites for mobile devices. ReactJS does equally well with web applications and mobile apps, which means the developer doesn’t need to use different tools for the web and mobile.
  5. There is a specific tool for debugging its application: Facebook released a chrome extension for a debugging tool that a developer can use to debug react applications. Having a dedicated debugging tool means that you can debug them faster and more efficiently.

Features of ReactJS

The following are its features

JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX)

This is a syntax extension used by ReactJS to determine the appearance of the user interface. It makes development and debugging easy, unlike since it allows the developer to include HTML structures in JavaScript code.

Virtual DOM

JavaScript DOM structures are complex and, therefore, difficult to manipulate. ReactJS comes with a much lighter representation of DOM, which is known as Virtual DOM or simply VDOM. One of the reasons why the use of DOM is time-consuming and complex is that when you change the state of one object in the app, you have to change everything else in the app. With VDOM, you only change the object which has changed.

VDOM also makes websites developed with ReactJS much faster than those created using JavaScript and other tools.

Additional Extensions

React has many applications that increase efficiency. Some of these extensions include one that offers server-side rendering and Flux and Redux for the development of web applications.

ReactJS makes the development of web applications much easier between these and other components while producing some of the best dynamic apps in the market today.